I show off 6 easy farms to make in Minecraft 1.14 survival! These Minecraft farms will help you get a great start to your game! The farms include an AFK fishing farm, an automatic sheep farms, automatic bamboo farm, automatic sugar cane/reed farm, automatic chicken, and automatic melon farm! These will all be a great addition to your Minecraft survival world.

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  1. Aussie Pride Reply

    lol so far first two of your builds i tried didnt work

  2. A kid Clay Reply

    finalyy! now i dont need to be a mumbo jumbo to make automatic farms


    Wait did he say there are different types of melons EXamPle:pUmkIns 0:50

  4. James Kelly Reply

    Why do my pistons automatically fully extend when placed next to the observer whereas the ones in the video are not extended until pumpkin grows? It's driving me crazy! 😂🎃😩

  5. Musa Ahmed Reply

    could you plz showcase all the farms then explain how to make them

  6. Minehunter Reply

    Him : sugarcane can be only be planted on sand

    Grass: why hello there

  7. I kinda felt bad for the sheep but lmaoo this is a very helpful video thanks!!'

  8. Alexander Morse Reply

    Me on pe not being able to do the fish farm 😓😓😓

  9. scream2749 Reply

    I built all of these for everyone on my realm and they love it thank you!

  10. Da Random Duck Reply

    The chicken farm wasnt really efficient for me because nost of the drops were burnt

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