In this video, I’m playing a 1vs4 game as the Dutch civilisation on the map Great Plains WHILE USING CHEATS! Always fun!
I hope you enjoy and sorry for some lag 🙂

➤PART 2:

➠ this is too hard → Win in singleplayer
➠ X marks the spot → Reveals map (fog of war still there)
➠ Medium Rare Please → Gives 10.000 food
➠ Give me liberty or give me coin → Gives 10.000 coin
➠ -censored- → Gives 10.000 wood
➠ Nova & Orion → Gives 10.000 XP

➠ A recent study indicated
that 100% of herdables
are obese → Fattens all animals on map

➠ Sooo Good → You can see text when you demolished something
➠ Speed always wins → Turns on 100x gather/build rates

➠ Ya gotta make do with
what ya got → Spawns the Mediocre Bombard at your Home City ➠ gather point tuck tuck tuck → Spawns a big red monster truck that can run over anything
➠ Shiver me Timpers! → Destroys all the enemy boats on the map
➠ Where’s that axe? → George Crushington
➠ a whole lot of love → Gives 10k of every recourse
➠ o canada 2005 → Lazerbear
➠ don’t kick the pitbull → Learicorn
➠ we [less then sign]3 fluffy!1! → Fluffy
➠ wuv woo vol.2 → Flying Tapir
➠ wee ooh wee ooh → Andytruck
➠ ding ding ding → Ice Cream
➠ mustard relish and burning oil → HotDog Cart
➠ trade plz → 10k export

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  1. if i type hack for me, does the enemy increase resources as well

  2. fellow gents, just wanna say that Age of Empires IV will have a game play trailer around November.

  3. Sylwaindsm Reply

    '' ya gotta make do with what ya got ''- guys use this code at descripition one is glitched in chat of game

  4. Shobharam Bhalavi Reply

    Hai me level 9 me hu age of empires 3 warchifs me hu 10 level pochne ke liye keshe khelna pdega

  5. Shobharam Bhalavi Reply

    Hamari comment yeh he ki me age of empires 3 me skirmish ke 9level e ushe keshe jeete ap ek video bana ke dijiye

  6. anyone has any idea why i cant use cheats on steam's age of empire?

  7. Giorgos P. Reply

    i downloaded and doesnt work for lan games…what do i do?

  8. Evan Albuquerque Reply

    I used George Crushington Lazerbear Learicorn and Flying Purple Tapir and i was laughing so hard when they were moving and destroying everything it was great LOL XDDD.

  9. Joshua Kim Reply

    but what sucks is that there is no frickin suplly cap cheat

  10. Iustin Baciu Reply

    you can type a whole lot of love and then you will get 10k of all resources

  11. Grimshaw Grummage Reply

    you dont need blockade against ai players, they have shitdecks

  12. mariusz kufelek Reply

    is there a way to repaste the cheats with out riding them all the time??

  13. MrSinisterSixty Reply

    In the description it says "-censored-" gives you wood

    • •

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