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Today we talk about #BTS #Jungkook and what he does and we also talk of some of the habits that was revealed by another BTS member, #Suga. We discussed #AgustD new music video and what I think about it. I also wanted to discuss a member that might have felt left out previously. All this tea here today. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. there many are videos of him sleeping in that position in their bombs and various videos it's literally old news 🙂

  2. I tried the sleeping position and all I gotta say is how its hurts to do it

  3. Waiting up till 2am to watch his videos because I'm British. Commitment💜

  4. After I watched this video I realized: Oh I just found two people who sleep like me but I probably am the ugliest there 😂

  5. Elianny Michelle Reply

    Is it weird that I sleep just like Jungkook does? I mean i don't even notice my body has the control, lol.

  6. 사랑방탄 소년단의 여동생 Reply

    why isn’t anyone taking about our hobi???

  7. I'm over here in Aurora CO laughing my behind off of what you are talking about >>>#SleepingPosition I use to sleep in that position when I was younger. It is very easy… you know how you sit on the grass, sidewalk, concrete with your legs crossed. Just fall back on a pillow in that same position… it's a good yoga move and good for your hips! y'all leave that man alone. lmao I did watch Agust D' rap this morning. I also notice RM in the video. I loved the video.

  8. Emma Howells Reply

    Suga's new MV reminds me of an Epic Kung Fu movie, totally awesome. I for one love them all totally, absolutely & completely. 👌👏😎🎶😍😍

  9. Sunflower X Safari Reply

    Oof Dave it’s me kpopSpriteandstrawberrys from tik tok hi! Me is a huge fan of u!

  10. Ppl talking about how cute Jungkook sleeps, sleeping tge same or different from him…
    And I'm here like

    Y'all sleep? Wut is that-

  11. Roslyn Smith Reply

    I love all my guys…and J hope should never be left out. He supports the team, dances excellent, sings great and is totally SUNSHINE. He brings love to all of the guys and yet it may not be reciprocal. That doesn't stop him from trying. Don't knock a good guy down. Support them…BTS#1

  12. No one:
    Jin with a beard:
    Jungkook alone in bed👀:
    Yoongi with is HAWT scar:
    Dave Disci: SpIcY. It ShoUlD oF BeEn SpiCy

  13. Erica Beumel Reply

    I notice that Jin isn't talked about as much as the others, but Hopi is. Especially his smile. But that's just what I've seen.

  14. Maribel Cadiz Reply

    JHope is super talented! In my opinion – he is the best dancer of the group, and he does a lot of the choreography. Additionally, he raps, sings, and is a songwriter and producer. He is also handsome, positive, hard working and has an awesome personality. The other members esteem and value who and what he brings to their team. He has been underrated for too long, and I am glad that he is getting more the love, attention and gratitude he deserves! Our Sunshine and Amazing Hobi! ☀️💜

  15. Ok, all my thoughts in one comment:

    Agust d’s mv was so amazing and the song really spoke to me. I really relate to him with all the emotions portrayed in this masterpiece. So beautiful!

    I actually sometimes sleep like jk, and it’s kinda nice, because when u wake up, and manage to get out of bed, I feel really open!

    And finally, J-Hope, I don’t have biases so I tend to say my bias is the group, so in this case, BTS💜
    I think all of the members should be loved for who they are, and how much effort they have put into becoming the stars (bts!) that they are now. J hope is an amazing person and deserves everything!

    Thank you, 감사합니다
    Have a great day/night, stay inside and safe, and I purpled u all!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  16. Jasmin Sandoval Reply

    I’m not gonna lie but I sometimes sleep the way jungkook does. Sometimes I’m scared someone will see me sleeping like and will find it weird🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. Kalani Crousent Reply

    I have a question your videos are good and please no hate but do you ever talk about other groups or people other than bts also i read some comments and i usally always see youngkook and the other boy are they favorites also dont comment if its negative

  18. Luisandra Polanco Reply

    We all need to stan each member. They work hard to make armys happy. And leaving out one of them doesn’t feel complete. Also stay safe 💜

  19. Sharaine Roberts Reply

    I agree I love all the members BTS!! WooHoo but I am sad 😥 tomorrow would have been my first BTS concert. Waaa

  20. Day Cisneros Reply

    The fact i ran to my bed to try out the position jk sleeps in 😂👌

  21. veronica park Reply

    The way jungkook is sleeping i sleep that way when i can't sleep and then i actually fall asleep

  22. I am guilty cause I sleep the same exact way, it's so comfortable. Like and up sleeping like than but throughout the night I'll change but I'd wake up the same way😂😂 know I sleep like jungkookie makes me feel better and that I belong and I'm not the only one 😂

  23. Ayme Martinez Reply

    Me calling mirriam webster:" i would like to add HAWT to the dictionary

  24. queenie melody Reply

    I also sleep this way sometimes but at the moment i'm sleeping with my sister and lmao I get pinched so hard at night. So now I put one pillow next to me, blocking her in a line and hugging the other pillow. I never liked sleeping with pillow under my head. I feel like I have 2 of the members ( V and Jk's) sleeping habbits in one and now I don't feel weird anymore lol

  25. The tea before the tea…
    Hawt…you are hilarious man

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