League of Legends Battle Professor Graves Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Graves on their Battle Professor Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. Hamlet Knight Reply

    the animations of his abilities are so cool but the auto animation and gun/sword thing is mega bugging me.

  2. how do you actually get the white chroma at the end – its' not available for purchase?

  3. panic room Reply

    Why is the white and dark purple chroma missing from the store? Can't find anywhere

  4. sshironodeath toresu Reply

    i just got this for rerolling 3 epic skins hell ye brother

  5. Mohammad Danial Sakaria Reply

    the problem is, the skin didnt match his voiceline. wtf?

  6. Fucking hell, did the indicator for Graves' Q always look that magnificent?

  7. ArkhamBeast12 Reply

    Azir and Nasus would be perfect for Battle Academia. Maybe Gnar too, as the wild child of the student body?

  8. The effects are so cool but MAN, do the voicelines and the skin not mix well. >_<

  9. Nators Terra Reply

    Hey look, they made my teacher into a champion! 😮

    Jk, my teacher has black hair lol

  10. Nguyễn Mạnh Hùng Reply

    I don't think he is fit for a professor based on those voice lines lmao

  11. Basically just ripped off Zalgus from Dawngate after every other thing they've ripped off from that game…

  12. He should run with whistle in his mouth, like catching some bad student for detention. lmao

  13. The Real Azir Reply

    Battle professor zilean. battle professor ziggs.

    Riot is filled with weebs.

  14. I-I thought he was gonna have a posh, manly British accent… Disappointing

  15. SlicedMilk Reply

    Don't know why anyone would think this is important. But the equation on the white board when he backs is the equation to calculate the velocity you would need to escape a planet. root(2GM/R)
    Do whatever you want with this information.

  16. buddhino alla curcuma Reply

    looks more like a hipster than a teacher to me

  17. Grabnok The Destroyer Reply

    They probably gave Ezreal another skin with custom voicelines. Graves could've used that. Closest we get with him is Praetorian and those aren't even lines, just beeps and boops

  18. THE best GAMERs Reply

    this skin should ve had different sounds maybe the sound of a crasy scientist or something like this

  19. sparkysparky boomman Reply

    This could be a great 1820 RP skin if you changed the lines and added a bit more SFX. You're already halfway there.

  20. Why is everyone saying Graves is in a relationship in which he pays for sex

  21. Frosty's 雪だるま Reply

    Graves recall:shoots 3 bullets
    Graves in a fight:shoots 2 bullets
    Graves main: nani!?!!!!

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