League of Legends Conqueror Karma Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Karma on their Conqueror Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. Xavier Wade Reply

    Tbh,this skin reminds me of Wanda maximoff(scarlet witch)

  2. Steamulacion Reply

    what is that effect in karma when she autoattacks? Is that ult charging effect?

  3. Hmm I don't have any Karma skins and this looks pretty nice…

    HMMMM wallet forgive me

  4. Alry FireBlade Reply

    Skin had potencial but they wont use it.
    only a dark red.
    I miss the ,,Fächer" in her hand at the dance, you dont see if ulti is activated.
    The Traditional Karma is still the best Skin for her.

  5. Damn… Karma's best skin and it's not available anymore.. 😔

  6. Anyone knows when this skin will be able to purchase again?

  7. Scott Noble Reply

    And how is this an 1820 skin? I'll stay with my Winter wonder Karma if you don't mind.

  8. Sopranoyaro Reply

    qonquerer's haki confirmed!???! w000000000000000000000t !

  9. Lol the artwork reminds me Archer From fate/Stay Night lel

  10. Chris Nikes Reply

    wow good thing i bought challenger ahri back then .. with this line up replacing challenger skins to conqueror skins is dope, the challenger skins still out throws this piece of chroma like skin for karma which is the conqueror line up. hands up and give a like to those who bought challenger skins

  11. Anna Langer Reply

    "Why you never remember my name?!" "I'm sorry red Karma."

  12. Will I get the loading screen border when just purchasing the skin throughout the event? Got it but no border yet…

  13. Synæsthoenix Reply

    @1:15 what causes the dancing light? Is that her Crit Auto Attack animation?

  14. Can anyone gift me this skin when it releases please? I'm a Karma main and i'm loving this skin. IGN Law of the Claw
    NA Server

  15. sailorecume Reply

    I love Karma but rito don't you think it's time to focus about the other skin series? Like Crimson elite (one of the coolest you made), Lotus Order, Star Guardian ( we need more sailor on this game)

  16. Miklós Kéninger Reply

    On lolking there is an animation for her e in this skin.

  17. Myriad ofColours Reply

    A few red runes here and there just like the splash would've been awesome. But I guess this is gonna be a skin line similar to Championship, only red. Oh well. Still looks great I guess. Not complaining, just pointing something out.

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