Test, trace, and treat have become three major words when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, but when it comes to stopping a second wave of COVID-19 cases, tracing might be the key. But while other countries have aggressively traced new cases, the United States is still behind, even though companies have access to location data that could help.


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Contact Tracing Worked In Singapore & Taiwan — Why Is The US So Behind?

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  1. ok hold up. Why is Singapore's containment effort used even though Taiwan is even closer to China and has fewer cases than even Singapore. Just saying that if they were gonna go to the length and call Taiwan a country (meaning they don't fear Chinese censorship), why praise only Singapore when Taiwan has done a much better job than any country in East Asia.

  2. because our idiot leader cares more about his relection than american lives. What was it, a couple weeks ago he said we would have cases down to zero, then a bit later only 10,000 deaths. Now were over 50,000 deaths!

  3. Tony de Castro Reply

    but really, you can't compare SMALL countries with those with HUGE populations. obviously, it is so much easier to do contract tracing when the population is rather small (Iceland, Singapore, and even Taiwan). also, these are SMALL ISLANDS. take Indonesia and the Philippines with THOUSANDS OF ISLANDS. your video i think obfuscates more than it helps…

  4. ArcticPoise Reply

    Well the problem is if the implementations become permanent similar to the Patriot Act implementations which were meant to be temporary.

  5. Here is why: The U.S government gives false info and does not do anything about it.

  6. Every Word Is A Made-Up Word Reply

    Pushing this strategy in the west will just anger people, it will never be accepted here

  7. It is funny to me that people worry about their privacy when they are willingly giving the info to companies like Facebook and Google. those companies know more about you than yourself.

  8. Contact tracing would only work if they caught the disease early, and with news coming out the disease might have been in the country way before the 1st patient was diagnosed on record makes this video and contact tracing pointless.

  9. Singapore is not coping well with it. Do not lie. There cases have spiked

  10. Gabriel Tan Reply

    I am from Singapore and to clarify, we are not force to download the app. In addition, we only have to provide our id number and phone number if we need to enter a place . Mostly importantly the government has been very clear and transparent on how they going to use your information and when these information can be obtain from you.

  11. 한국어로변역하는인간 Reply

    In korea, when you get the disease. Your last two weeks whereabouts are sent to all people in the area to alert. How can goverment stop the disease when they dont know that info? 850k is the result of "freedom". I call it "not cooperating"

  12. joanne ross Reply

    Everyone has this virus in the body k. It's a cold / flu virus. Only hurting the ones they choose. Bad people caused. From the United States k. Nancy pigsty. Excuse my language.

  13. probably won't work well in a country with a large population like the US anyway. Too much contact between too many people at once.

  14. The US government already spies on people. Anyone heard of Edward Snowden? The NSA can already track everyone, so I don't really think this an issue about privacy issues.

  15. H Heiwitzer Reply

    "To save lives" is the good emotional reason to 'trade' privacy to government and corporations… what a deadful TRAP !! 1984 Big Brother is not so far guys, be careful /!

  16. David Ferrer Reply

    Here come all the Americans and their bs excuses as to why they can't make shit work.

  17. This video could give viewers false impressions.

    I live in Taiwan, this confuses me a bit. The government here does not do contact tracing by using mobile data. How far I understand contact tracing in Taiwan is that the government would ask a lot of questions, if you are tested positive, whereabouts you have been and who have been in contact with for the last 3 to 4 weeks. I know that from my friend and another friend who returned from the USA. Both were tested positive and were isolated in hospitals. They would inform the people they had contact with my friends and tell them to stay home for 2 weeks.
    I am positive that Taiwan government does not have private information from people's phones.

    And as for Singapore, the contact tracing works through an app, that you can download voluntary. It is up to you, no force from the government.

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  19. The thing is majority of their citizens trust their governments. The question is do you?

  20. Eric Winnick Reply

    Because here in America we actually like our liberties, and our right to privacy.

  21. Real American Reply

    Because we were lead to believe we are the best, #1 when we are clearly NOT

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