Dawnbringer Karma vs Conqueror Karma Skins Comparison League of Legends
This video shows a high quality comparison to help you to decide which skin is better. A detailed presentation for each of the two skins is included after the comparison.

00:00 Skins Comparison
04:49 Dawnbringer Karma Skin Spotlight – 1350 RP
07:29 Conqueror Karma Skin Spotlight – 975 RP

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  1. Hải Đặng Reply

    I like Conqueror more than Dawnbringer because……well BOOBS of course

  2. Joopy Jellopy Reply

    I wanted so badly to like Dawnbringer skin … The effects are gorgeous and perfect but there is something about the design that I find very strange … Maybe it's the pants that set off the rest of the clothes, or maybe it's that "curved fit" of the clothes, I don't know.

  3. Rafael C. C. Reply

    Conqueror is a very good skin, but for me, Dawnbringer is just better.

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