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DBZK 2020 Full Goku and Vegeta battle with all the battle cutscenes, the best recreation of this anime battle in a game.

#DBZKakarot #DBZK #GokuVsVegeta

Thanks to Bandai Namco UK for inviting me to the event to record the footage.

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  1. Fariz rizaldi Reply

    Ahh yes much better than Xenoverse those flashy body noo i can't stand it for xenoverse 😌.

  2. Something’s different about Vegeta’s voice in this game and I want it to be a problem so bad even though it doesn’t really affect gameplay.

  3. Krillin: We did it.
    Gohan: We did it.

    Vegeta: You've really done it this time.

  4. Wow. I kind of choked up when Goku did the “Hey it’s me, Goku!” line to explain the next episode.
    Brought some nostalgia back. Great video.

  5. Nathan Arellano Reply

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact Kaioken takes Hp instead of health like SSJ and others?

  6. What the fuck your Hacker How Did play The game the game was released at 16 January of 2020

  7. Riad Abou El Joud Reply

    I am playing z kakarot on pc and don't know how to transform (use kaioken) any help…

  8. Just some Lua guy Reply

    A little tip: when your enemy is acting suspicious block there attack that they might be charging up!

  9. can you redo any sub stories if you go back in time using the time traveler thing?

  10. 22:08
    Goku: so beat up, he should barely be able to talk
    "You got it😁👍"

  11. The Next Hokage Reply

    Kind of bummed I missed out on the opportunity to do that punch to the face but it’s still just as satisfying seeing someone else do it

  12. MetallicFruit Reply

    Sucks that instead of sparring Vegeta to show him mercy, Goku wants to spare him so he can fight him again.

  13. Yo I got surprise when he jumped the spirit bomb. I forgot he did that😂

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