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  1. Viejessito Cliché Reply

    Is seriously no one going to talk about the "dumBdurum" in the title?

  2. Mikkaella Aranas Reply

    Running man is right. Apink's Dumhdurum is really no.1 and is still topping charts right now.

  3. AF-10 EL ANTICRISTO Reply


  4. mentalphys unstable Reply

    The reality of Apink😂😂😂 They really don’t think too much, just go with the flow.. I love that mindset. Chorong and Bomi entertaining as usual😍😍

  5. Juliana BtsNaeun2002 Reply

    They're said this song(dumhdurum)will be the top charts.And guess they're all right😘🥰

  6. BRUN omar ITO Reply

    Apink4ever Beautiful fantastic 👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Guys, is this song that got cut off from their comeback months ago?

  8. Yes Running Man, Apink's Dumhdurum did became a hit 🔥💗💝💞💘💓💕💖

  9. BTSFOREVER Abangtan/Zatul Reply

    after this song wins bini cry my heart after watch they said Its the number one sing.It's going to be the hit 😭

  10. Yusnita Yusof Reply

    Running man pd-nim … pls invite Victon and Nuest too to running man program

  11. thanks to the eng.sub.i'm wacthing running since the beginning.figthing

  12. OZD Izzuddin Reply

    Seriously running man still live on tv show? I thought the producer was done with running man?

  13. Purple Nurple Reply

    RANDOM… But can we please appreciate Jaeseok?? Like he is the best MC literally🥺like other mc’s can be so rude and arrogant but Jaeseok knows his limits and is always nice to guests and makes them feel comfortable😭

  14. ninalilylulu Reply

    I cant wait for Naeun to come again and betray Sechan 😂😂

  15. Lawrence Eric Labrador Reply

    KJK reacting first to Bomi's comment. I think Naeun and KJK have something. Remember theres a thailand episode when KJK knew that Naeun is spending vacation also in thailand. Or maybe its just my theory. Hahahah

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