What Game of Thrones secrets are revealed by Game of Bones?


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  1. Unlike the real show, at least this one has a happy ending…
    Also, Christian puritan logic: sex, which is how people are made, is bad… War and violence, which is how people die, is good?

  2. Dasoku AzureFlux Reply

    You just make a high tier shitpost of GOT, amazing, you got my sub

  3. Fagner Sales Reply

    eu to morrendo que o narrador ainda foi atrás de evidências do livro pra justificar as coisas de Game of Bones hahahahahh

  4. Vallin Vallentine Reply

    I am beyond amazed by this and in the absolutely strangest way, and also in every way? First of all Mr. Porn script writer was very familiar with the material, and it somehow allows this to be a genuine article of legitimate homage to it. It's all from it's nuance ……. So for every reason I would never have watched this in every conceivable alternative universe I can imagine being in, I did and it was . This means two things, true and meaningful appreciate for something can be shown in any conveyance when it's done from that level of attachment to the material. The second is it proves all this time I have been the alternate universe version of myself ……. Or this is just patchface porn and no one has caught on… TIL NOW

  5. Funny that there is a porn parody given season 1 gave us porn levels of nudity and season 8 gave us porn levels of writing

  6. white walkers are stealing dildos from the night watch

    yes,you read clearly
    i never though i would say this in my life

  7. Grant Kruger Reply

    "The White Walkers are stealing dildos from the Night's Watch" Turns out we all knew nothing XD

  8. David Garcia Reply

    "How will he [Jon Snow] react when his mother is but also alive and giving felatio to Podrick"

    Omfg I'm laughing so hard at that line he heh, lolz

  9. god's in heaven, all is right with the world Reply

    I NEED the bloopers for this video.

  10. Thomas Willard Reply

    I thought the ivory phallus was a joke

    It really is in the books

  11. When game of bones makes more sense then the game of thrones season 8 :)))

  12. You know how in the audio books Damphair is pronounced dam-phair, well in Game of Bones they should have had Aeron, called him the Dumphole and pronounced it dum-phole

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