The setup will not install if you already have version. The setup is to downgrade the GTA 4 version to

The third file must be replaced in order to make the menu visible as it contains fonts.

Of you are getting another issue then tell me in the comment box


So we are going to fix the lags of GTA 4 again.
With this files you will get 50+ FPS. Even if you increase your graphics settings the performance of the game will not bad

Link of the file–

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  1. Will it Work on Intel Celeron 1.7 GHz ( Dual Core ),8 GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics Mobile ( Broadwell )?

  2. Atharva Daftary Reply

    If u don't want to do all this stuff,. I am not offencing
    U can simply make a text document named as commandline.txt and then write inside which I had given below::

    -nonmemstrict -availablevidmem 10 -reservedApp 0

    Just write as it is, save the file and open GTA 4 and than go to ur GTA 4 graphic settings …and see the magic,…..

    Comment me what u have seen…

    My specs 2gb ram , 2.16hz, and 1gb graphic card, dedicated graphic= 256..mb

  3. ANTHNGAMER - Reply

    i tried your mod now i cant see the start button in menu how to fix????please answer

  4. bro you can increase dedicated memory video look the video working

  5. i have an error bro its says "rockstar social club was not detected"

  6. Ahmad Dhiya'Ulhaq Murabaya putra Reply

    Bro, why i not to download for link in your description. And not run for the link

  7. Aakash Mandal Reply

    It does fixes the lag but i but the fonts are not visible in the menu

  8. Bro I'm faith in you I'm try'n to get fps but every video was suck and I wish I could get fps I'll try this video ❤

  9. 1k subscribers with no videos.シ Reply

    1:58 bro my dedicated video memory is 5168 what I'm gonna to do?
    Please reply fast

  10. கெத்து தமிழன் Reply

    bro i cannot see start button what can i do

  11. Bro I need Ur help in step 2 the setup failed it says error rockstar social games was not detected plsss help

  12. கெத்து தமிழன் Reply

    Bro I cannot see object in long distance

  13. கெத்து தமிழன் Reply

    bro i cannot see start button , graphics setting. What can i do

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