In this video I am going to show you why the official HD port of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on the consoles or so called “Remastered version” is a huge disappointment. We will look at Xbox 360, Xbox One and Playstation 3 versions here.
Today’s narrator:
●Badger Goodger

●GTA San Andreas Beta Map – San Fierro Analysis

●What Is Carcer City Based On?

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  1. This video is voiced by Badger Goodger. Check out his channel Youtube channel as well!
    ●GTA San Andreas Beta Map – San Fierro Analysis
    ●What Is Carcer City Based On?

  2. Most annoying bug is in mobile where there is literally no option to climb while in water stopping u from being able to climb onto docks or boats, this wouldnt be so bad but one mission in particular requires you so swim out and climb onto a jettydock

  3. TacticalNudes Reply

    When i'm extracting the ps3 pkg, i found out that the developer was literally just copy pasted .obb file from the android version.

  4. Ghost of television Reply

    I remember the day this came out I bought it and after playing for about the entire day is was only 3 missions away from the finale mission and one bad game crash corrupted all my save data and made me restart the game

  5. CoDKid300 / Zachery Lord Reply

    I dont get any of these bugs and glitches in the Remastered version. The game acts just fine for me

  6. El Rick más Rick Reply

    the truth is a terrible version for xbox 360 this game I bought it just to remember that time when my uncle showed me this marvelous game and that a messed up disaster happens with errors and the very common failure that I had was in the mission where We are going to the beach in the part where you have to dance the game did not show me the buttons to speak in order to dance, I could not dance in the damn mission and another was the horrible one where you saw a mirror mode type which I did not really like is a version that I really did not like I would like to put the classic version again and not this remastered version that only made things worse aaaaa is a terrible version I really do not recommend it :, (

  7. Thank you soooo much I finally found out how to pass the plane mission without the dam crash

  8. So I wasted three hours downloading the GTA SA mobile port only to be slapped by recommend?


    When I set the shadow to classic, i can see the CJ shadow But Not for Other Ped

  10. As a mobile player , i bought a usb adaptor to conect to mobile

    My head : i am a god

  11. huchen_ wach Reply

    I first played the Ps3 version and i never had bugs or glitches and after i played the Pc version id say that the best version is the remastered version

  12. idk but i dont remember all of that happening when i played on xbox 360

  13. TheBreakingBenny Reply

    18:49 It's not clear if the animations and/or models used have differences in the data used, whether it be both or just one of them. Compatibility issues can show up between later versions that you have to fix or update… And War Drum Studios didn't even bother with that.

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