Do you want to get one of the best free alternatives to adobe photoshop! I want to show you paint net! It’s great! It’s all 100% free! This is an open source photo editor that allows you to make amazing youtube thumbnails or edit your favorite photos! Also, with the hundreds of different plugins for paint net the amount of new tools you can add to this program are endless! …

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  1. YourSixStudios Reply

    Paint.Net is amazing by itself, but remember to install plugins after getting this software to leverage your creative potential!

  2. ツ teen anime dude Reply

    it says "do want the app to make changes to your device?" and it says put in an administrator username and password can someone tell me what to do???

  3. TrainFan1225 Reply

    it says "Windows 7, 8, or 10 (1607) is required" i have windows 10 but not that bersion
    what do i do??

  4. For me its always saying "Fatal Error" and never installing how do i fix this!?

  5. I’m probably the only one here from duck game trying to make a custom hat 😂

  6. lol I kept clicking in the link and not the icon

    and also who else came here for that?

  7. The website looks like you’re gonna install a virus holy hell scared me

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