Here is a video on how to download Paint Tool Sai, enjoy!

Download link:

If you want the Download to start without using mediafire/robot-checks, use this!:

NOTE: This may not work on Mac. Let me know if it does/doesn’t in the comments section. Thanks! Update: Paint tool sai was created for windows… so technically no way to get it on mac right now.. i’ll keep you posted.


1. I found this on a forum, maybe it could help, let me know if it does 🙂

“You might have to reset all of your pen settings and close SAI out before opening it again. Sometimes changing Wacom’s tablet settings in Wacom Tablet Properties messes with things (ESPECIALLY the battery settings if you’re using wireless. Don’t change the setting.)

Another thing you might have to do is go into Task Manager (if you’re on Windows) and go into Services and find the SAI process tree and restart it.

Something else you might have to do is go into your folder where SAI.exe is and find a file called “misc.ini”, open it in notepad and then see if something is wrong.

Sometimes the misc file will corrupt itself or change itself and you manually have to go in and fix it.

There’s the possibility that you might have to uninstall and reinstall it. Save your brushes and stuff before you do that though.”

2. Here are other things I would try:

A ) in SAI, click on Others – Options – and under the tab Digitizer Support find Coordinate Mode and choose Pen instead of Mouse. If that doesn’t work, try these:

B) reset the tablet and try again.
C) right click on the paint tool sai icon and click on “run as administrator”, you might need to do that so the software can work with your tablet.
D) shut down the computer, and reopen because some softwares need rebooting before functioning to their full potential.
E) simply reinstall it and try again. let me know whether or not one of these methods worked! 🙂

If none of these worked, please let me know in the comment’s section! 🙂 Good luck!

HAVING sfl.dll file PROBLEMS?

Here are the steps to follow to fix that issue:
1) Locate and open the Paint Tool Sai Folder in C:Program Files (x86)
2) Copy the sfl.dll file
3) Go to C:Program Files
4) Create a new folder and name it Paint Tool Sai (or something like that)
5) Paste the sfl.dll file into your new folder
6) Return to C:Program Files (x86) and copy the SAI application
7) Paste the application in C:Program Files where you also pasted sfl.dll.
8) Try to open your SAI project again. (It may take a long time to open, but it eventually should open normally)


Want to know about the BEST APPS to READ MANGA? Watch my video here:

Music: Rhodesia by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


This video was made for educational purposes. It is not the most recent version!! If you enjoy it, make sure to download the official/updated/paid version from the official website… it’s much better 🙂


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  1. I really want to say that this video is very helpful, Its not a virus and if you can't open it then just ask me, I had the same problem and I fixed it ^-^

  2. Denki Kaminari Reply

    So, uh, it downloaded, and it opens and everything… but I can't draw with my pen, but I can with my mouse… and my computer lets me use my pen everywhere else…

  3. the opinion nobody cared about Reply

    It dosen't work because my computer is blocking it from being added :/

  4. how do I uninnstal it? the uninnstal thing the folder has sais error

  5. Kat Gonzales Reply

    Thank you so much! This has been super helpful. I just bought a new laptop and I didn't expect that my previous sai application doesn't work on the Windows 10 OS. Your video is a godsend

  6. Parampreet Singh Sudan Reply

    Nobody literally nobody: Me at 3: 00 Am on YouTube- how to download Sai for free xD

    Btw thanks for the video!

  7. spellspooky Reply

    It worked but every time I open a saved file it says 'SAI can not complete setup process because current user does not have administrator rights'. How do I fix this??

  8. Little Stitch Reply

    It said that windows couldn't open the browser as access was denied. 🙁

  9. It works PERFECTLY! Pen pressure ,ctrl + S it saves and try to reopen it while the software is close and it works! I'm here cause nothing to do at home(Quarantine) so i decided to practice my drawing skills and it's perfect to try out cause i'm using krita and it's a bt laggy in my old laptop good choice to click this video

  10. mad _f-f-floaty ;-; Reply

    It might be helpful for the others but it did not work for me :[

  11. Pinkie Purplez Reply

    I dont know man. Using SOPHOS SCAN, I'd like to disagree and say that currently the download is potentially harmful to your computer's file system. This is because it has been modified to not ask for $50 after 31 days has passed. I wouldn't risk it. Please upvote my reply if you understand and agree with my ethics.

    The publisher of the video is not at fault, however, the instructions and encouragement is very incriminating towards the publisher. Thank you for reading my side of the story. Thanks.

  12. thanks toooooo much i make horrortale sans with paint tool sai its very useful for sprites thanks buddy!

  13. PricklyPineapples Reply

    This was really easy to follow along to and it actually works. Thanks, Timeless Tech!

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