Hey guys in this video i have talked on another topic. I am going to show how to fix lags of GTA 4. Grand theft Auto 4 is a badly optimized game. But by watching this video, you’ll get 50- 60 fps easily. So guys enjoy the video and tell me on the comment box how the video was.

Link of the lags fix

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  1. GØØDLIFE Reply

    Bro I have a high end Pc but this game stutters and lags while driving sometime… How to fix that? I have windows 10 pro…
    GTX 1050ti 4 GB and i5 9400f processor 8GB Ram.

  2. Shyam Batman Reply

    Due to your Idiot technique, my graphics got deprived and the game crashed. This is not at all helpful.

  3. Arvin Allego Reply

    If you will going to hide the password to gamer user like GTA 4. You suppose not to make a video in Youtube. You are making them hard to find the password.

  4. Вадим Черкасов Reply

    Password please, at what minute though?

  5. Pranav Birhade Reply

    Bhai password Kya hee ? Video me clean nahi dikhta raha

  6. CoolDudeYT 0421 Reply

    Omg thank you so much man finally i can play gta iv smooth in my shitty pc

  7. can you give a new link as this link in not present in drive.

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