How to play Lucian for beginners is out now! This is an updated version of my older one, also this one is with mic and not just plain text. It looks very familiar but that’s the point. Just an update since Lucian build has changed a little bit.
Let me know your thoughts!
Question? Ask in the comment section below ill respond asap!
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Patch 7.5
Thank you for watching! Have a nice day and until next time!
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I forgot the 2nd mastery page its basically 18-0-12 also the video has 7 topics not 6, my bad… 😛


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  1. Shackle The Dankmaster Reply

    "If they have a lot of ability power take mercury boots" WutFace? Tell me who buys mercury boots for magic resist and not the cc time reduction

  2. This is very helpful, i'm practicing Lucian and its very hard specially for the item builds. as a beginner on Lucian this is so helpful… keep it up dude, it's awesome 🙂

  3. African water Reply

    Thanks for the quick reply lol, I know a decent amount from IRL friends, mainly runes I'm unclear about, haven't really got to that stage obviously. I play a lot of counter strike and having to play so many matches to start ranked is sort of a new concept. I personally thought that most players would have gotten pretty good before getting level 30 but according to a couple friends, it's not exactly tru.

  4. African water Reply

    Nice video, you may not be the best person to ask but when a video is titled or meant for beginners, what exactly does that mean. I'm very new and am only lvl 6 and don't quite understand the standard of play of for example a bronze 5

  5. I really want to learn Lucian (I'm terrible ADC) and there aren't any good guides.
    Except this one.

  6. Updated guide on Lucian, who's going to try this elo grinder out, let me know 😉

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