Minecraft 1.15 Tutorial Playlist ►
This minecraft 1.15 tutorial will show you how to build an afk fishing farm for the buzzy bees update.

AFK Fishing Farm Program

Smallest AFK Fish Farm 1.14 | MiniClips

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  1. Charlie Wightman Reply

    the auto clicker isnt working for me? am i doing something wrong

  2. Is there a way to change keybind for macros? I try the fly trick but it makes me crouch and open my inventory?

  3. after putting it in virus total X-HK V0.4 show lots Trojan and other can you tell me why this would be showing up it also it del windowns defeater :/ send me message had anything happen

  4. Andrew Kazuma Reply

    can this work for the Windows 10 version? I cannot click on the trapdoor to start fishing with the trapdoor open.

  5. I'm mad late, but I've just gotten back into Minecraft, but thank you for making this. It's very much appreciated

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