Learn Minecraft Commands for the new minecraft update!

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Minecraft 1.1 is the latest minecraft update for mcpe / minecraft pocket edition / win10 that brings custom command blocks to pocket edition! Learn how to use command blocks in this awesome custom mod tutorial!

✅ Minecraft Command School Download

🎶 Music by Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.

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  1. Cats rule so get over it Reply

    I’m trying to figure out how to change game modes using command blocks. I want to be able to press a button, and have my game mode change. However, like anything I try to do with technology, it’s not working. Can someone please explain why when I put “/gamemode 0” and press the button, it doesn’t change me to survival like it does in the video?? I seriously cannot figure out why nothing works for me. I feel like me even being in the presence of anything that is even remotely RELATED to technology causes everything to stop working the way it’s intended to.

  2. Penny Roblox Reply

    Thank you I just found out how to get a command block and I don’t know how to use one so that’s why I click the video like command school perfect

  3. Bob Banana Reply

    Gamemode 0:46
    Give and pick block 2:26
    Xp add or take 3:47
    Setblock 5:12
    Difficulty 7:30
    Clear 8:53
    Weather 9:57
    Fill 10:55
    Spawnpoint 15:15
    Say 16:35
    Time 17:42

  4. Roblox gameing 2020 Reply

    When I put / gamemode 3 @a it wont put me in spectator mode

  5. Althea Trishmae Delator Reply

    Just search khimdelator account to help us improve her channel pls guyz

  6. HoverBoard2525 Reply

    logzotzip: in minecraft command school we will use /fill! me using worldedit: //wand

  7. FAMOUS NICK Reply


    FAMOUS NICK: / kick mom

  8. FAMOUS NICK Reply

    Herobrine:l kill you

    Me:/gamemode creatine

    Herobrine: wat

    Me: hahaha now you never kill me

    Herobrine: oh no

    Me: /give @p diamond_sword lvl 1000000000


    Me:Hahaha bye bye herobrine

    Herobrine: noo plase l give you Diamonds

    Me: no l kill you bye herobrine you nooob haha bye bye

  9. FAMOUS NICK Reply

    Command is a hack_ how to get a command block_ give @p command_block

  10. yuppiedesi Reply

    Me:/effect @s haste 255 255 my Minecraft world: why god why I’m disintegrating

  11. much more big brain lighting bolt command.
    /execute at @a run summon lightning_bolt ^ ^ ^

  12. Sian Grayson Reply

    on my minecraft world I don't have gamemode 3 when I type it the command tells me unknown command

  13. Raymond Paenga Reply

    I just wanted to know what type of drugs are you taking it seems fantastic

  14. Smellavision Reply

    how do you open the command console to enter commands. playing pocket edition on tablet

  15. Learned a lot but… is the video stolen or pre recorded?… I really don’t care it just bothers me

  16. Casper_Lee 20 Reply

    There’s actually a feature where the game automatically shows you some commands like give or game mode.but the game mode 0 1 2 and 3 doesn’t work anymore

  17. Nick Hurley Reply

    These are all vanlla right? They don't need any mods or plugins?

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