We are playing Fortnite in Minecraft!
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– 5 Rounds
– If You Die To Anything You Lose
– Parachute Down
– You May Gather Any Blocks To Build A Fort

In this Jen’s House Fortnite Battle Royale Modded Mini-Game:
We are playing Fortnite in Minecraft! We parachute down gather guns and fight! We have epic guns to make it way cooler than normal Fortnite!

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Intro song: Spag Heddy – Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records:

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  1. Finally we are battling it out in Jen's house!! I hope you guys enjoy!

  2. Jell Zaraspe Reply

    I love the light mashine gun and the grime reeper and guide misle a k a prosklz

  3. In 1148 you were so bad at beating Jen literally I’m not even kidding I’m literally I’m so done literally why did you not switch to your guns if you switch to your guns out and then you have full house then you saw her name plate you could’ve turned around and then and be like oh hi OK your died and you would’ve one but you didn’t

  4. Who else in 2020? BTW, I miss the old content of this channel (especially the challenge games)

  5. Camo Rainbow Reply

    Whoever knocks the other person off at the start has bad lick for commiting sin of murder

  6. Andrea Quamina Reply

    Instant Karma from Jen she knocks you down and then she fell off hahaha

  7. I wish I could play with you
    I always dreamed about it I'm really good at fortnite I would love to play with you it my only dream
    I've always got to the 1# place in fortnite
    I would really want play with you

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