*Remastered Version* Bean treats himself to a weekend in a hotel and seeks competition with his hotel neighbour. After he eats some spoiled oysters, he is confined to a nightmare about them and his neighbour. With his stomach turning, he goes outside of his room to complain to the other neighbour (who is playing very loud music) but is locked out. All in all, all hell breaks loose, ending with a certain someone’s bottom on show…

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  1. Adolf Hitler Reply

    That blue shirt guy didn't do anything wrong to him. What made him feel some kind of rivalry while he could just enjoy his meals?

  2. Tú Uyên Phan Reply

    Mr bean mắt vười nhất luôn á hâhhahahhahahahahahahahahaahaahah😆😆😆😆😆

  3. Irfan Harrys Reply

    can someone explain why Mr Bean really hate blue car with three wheels

  4. Myra Mubashar Reply

    5:59 when you know lockdown is finished 😂😂😂😂

  5. cant believe theres so much i missed as a child 😂😂😂
    i didn't notice he was butt-naked, i didn't see ppl making out….

  6. The monster Under your bed Reply

    I grew up thinking all toilet paper in the UK was pink after watching this

  7. The monster Under your bed Reply

    No one:
    My bed when I'm trying to get comfortable: 5:39

  8. The monster Under your bed Reply

    I was trying to find this but I searched up "mr beast hotel episode" instead of "mr bean hotel episode"

  9. The monster Under your bed Reply

    This one specific episode is burned into my memory for some reason

  10. 5:36 sampai 6:17 sia jiga budak leutik wae kehed 😁😁😁🙏

  11. 17:48 this is what happens if you pretending to be someone

  12. Dan De guzman Reply

    I would go to this hotel and book the same room also 2020?

  13. Larry KoopaJR Reply

    The guy with the blue sweater looks like Leonardo DiCaprio

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