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NEW Top 10 Best Animated Minecraft Songs 2018. The Best Minecraft Songs, Animations, and Parodies of March 2018.

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Note: NEW Top 5 and Top 10 Minecraft Songs and Animations! The Best Minecraft Videos and Minecraft Songs for March 2018. Minecraft Songs and Animations are all produced by Minecraft Jams.

New Minecraft Song: Psycho Girl’s Real Dad! Herobrine vs Entity 303 (Top Minecraft Songs)

Please watch: “New Minecraft Song: I’m Rage Girl! Hacker 2 [Top Minecraft Songs]”



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  1. Rose mallard Reply

    you need to no this herobrine and your fother was freinds and I LOVE YOUR VIDOES

  2. I'm changing the lyrics to boys are gonna win and girls are gonna lose how do you fill? Pscho girl? You stupid

  3. Minions are Cool #2 Reply

    This is only an animation.your not as good as fighting as this.

  4. i am hostile like all that mobs and herobrine
    also i am stronger that herobrine

  5. Katelyn Brodhead Reply

    No jelly wouldn’t beat her She be everyone she sees I’ve seen all of her songs she’s the best

  6. Real sentence:Boys are same as girls not better or worser cuz not everything has to be challnge

  7. Pedro Torrres Reply

    girls like physco girl thing there good but like all girls they like building and animals but not pvp also they boys act to die for the vid but preston or jelly would beat her like nothing

  8. Brenno Siqueira Reply

    Como assim o Edi idade 303 beijo a menina e e nem tem boca Como assim é como teu filho e a filha não tem a filha nem Puxou o pai que o Anjo das 303 nada a ver com nada

  9. Girls: haha kill this noobs
    JzBoy: Haha
    ThBoy: im are not scary you girls
    And JzBoy abd ThBoy kills Girls

  10. Cheating is a sin so is killin every boy you see when there defending thereself

  11. rayssa lopes Reply

    oriveo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk hahahahhaha kskskskskskskskskskskks

  12. hi your my num 1 favorite and like your face in real life and you lil sis im still in the girl side

  13. jrrhrjrhrhdhdhr shred it was not the world of Warcraft to be able to get the world of Warcraft to be a good idea of Warcraft to the and I have a little more of an old

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