New uncertainty surrounds the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who hasn’t been seen in public in nearly two weeks. NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports for TODAY from London.
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North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un’s Health Is Subject Of Growing Confusion | TODAY


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  1. maria tess roberts Reply

    how I wish he wild surrender to Jesus before he die.

  2. Black Illusionis Reply

    He deserve it . Hope he will die and make people of NK be free and have a great life.

  3. Ida Jean Walker Reply

    Working? Kim is working on gaining a few extra pounds so he can be on his favorite reality show my 600 Lb life.

  4. What if they had a nuclear accident and he got radiation poisoning? That would be like Trump choking while swallowing a newspaper roll,,,

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  6. benjo moreno Reply

    I think Kim Jong Un has COVID19 and might have injected himself with disinfectant as advised by his friend Donald Trump ….Just my lame conspiracy theory. LOL .

  7. bonfire 112 Reply

    roommate that you don't like him but you hate to see him go 😭

  8. Beepy, the Tiny, yet Stupid Reply

    I came for lols and memes but the replies are just too much for me, honestly

  9. Subscribe to Ban Bass Tabs Reply

    its news stories like this that makes me wish The Onion still made videos…

  10. Hey, North Korea has a single payer healthcare system…he’ll be fine! (Best medical system in the world…just ask any American Dummycrat leftist brainchild.)

  11. Renee Hudson Reply

    So if he is dead, is his Sister his replacement KIM YUNG HO!🤣🤣🤣

  12. Alexagrace Hopewell Reply

    I’ll bet it’s the Coronavirus. He’s probably got the 19. Strokes and heart attacks are symptoms in some.

  13. jhgjhgj hgjhgdj Reply

    00:8 wtf, cant you see that this is an obvious Kim JongUn -look-alike??

  14. Delaire The Liar Reply

    He could easily make a comment so clearly is very ill… gain to no show for this type of regime…..death is likely as anyone in N Korea, including his family , have everything to gain from his death…..bring it on.

  15. Romantic Indian Reply

    Kim Jong-Un is dead at the age of 36- News here-

  16. joshua Santos Reply

    Hopefully we are one step closer for the two Korea's to unite.

  17. marinerenewable Reply

    Wouldn't have wanted to be the surgeon who operated on him. Their hands would have been shaking so much, no chance of a successful outcome.


    If that woman becomes a dictator its over. Every time it's that time of the month the nukes will fly. NEVER PUT A WOMAN IN ANY POSITION OF POWER.

  19. Visuallytraveling Reply

    Yes! If he does nobody cares and I’m happy that his wrong doings will stop

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