League of Legends Omega Squad Veigar Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Veigar on their Omega Squad Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. Youtube User Reply

    The omega squad veigar skin only changes the sound of his voice and his ability effects. I like that the omega squad teemo skin gives him completely different voice quotes too. Turns him into a PTSD war vet

  2. It should of been, “what’s black and blue and about to destroy you

  3. Royal Dương Reply

    what wrong with the R it just jump up and a electric bolt come out ?? that make no sense ?

  4. Was given a 85% discount on this for Black Friday. Didn't pick it up. The Q was too poorly designed. Why would throwing its remote control away look reasonable let alone cool? Ultimate's animation is also very NOT impressive. What a waste.

  5. Misaka Mikoto Reply

    i have 550 rito points now the akward wait until i get this skin rebated at -70% in my shop

  6. Just because he's almost unmasked makes this the best veigar skin. But the effects are damn good as well.

  7. Michael Ken Nielsen Reply

    This skin makes Veigar objectively worse as the w is just to easy to notice with these graphics.

  8. theshuman100 Reply

    im more impressed by the skeleton texture from the stun. how wpuld it look on non human champs

  9. James McClaren Reply

    Isn’t his recall in reference to the fail video of the French military? Lol.

  10. got in a chest. 1050 orange essence upgrade, easiest button press of my life, all spell effects are awesome and unique. finally something worthwhile upgrading.
    I dont even play veigar but i'll use it for ARURF

  11. Logical Criticism Reply

    LOL at people trying to find the logic behind the skin. League of Legends makes zero logic – 400 lb drunk jumps over the walls, bear zaps with lightning, 50 lb children doing any physical damage… I mean, trannie with tentacles spawning randomly? And you want any logic behind a skin? Get over it.

  12. Markus Phoenix Reply

    Aaww i was expecting he was going to shoot the Ult with a rocket launcher

  13. peepee poopoo Reply

    I don´t care for what people say about this skin it looks pretty great to me.

  14. Omg, he's so cute. His eyes when he casts a spell are just such a neat detail ^_^

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