Mojang sent over an IRL Minecraft Dungeons loot chest so of course I’m gonna unbox it.
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  1. Mark Errington Reply

    Hey where can I buy one of these for my son he loves Minecraft!! Thanks

  2. Big Smoke Oof Reply

    Alright so now why don’t we add everything from dungeons to normal Minecraft, blocks and enemies and weapons

  3. Skarpne Gerph Reply

    THEORY : It’s just nick holding the camera, it’s been him in a lot of his other videos, so it’s not too out there

  4. The PNolandS Reply

    Not even joking, I’m gonna need one of those LEGO sets

  5. GoodGuyDaks Reply

    Take a shot every time he says ‘Minecraft dungeons’

  6. AnotherGuyOnTheInternet Reply

    i'm saving up for a spirit dropship on ebay but i will pay twice that for one of these

  7. Nate Uchiha Reply

    Jordan: pulls out lego set

    Lego fans: build it, build it.


  8. TheGamingHowl Reply


  9. DonomiteGAMER Reply

    I LOVE the camera editing! Whoever was recording this, I love it!

  10. I’m a little disappointed the locks on the front of the chest didn’t go up lol

  11. -NoxiousGaming - Reply

    Oh Microsoft sent us a few codes
    Me : puts video in 0.25x speed and rewatches it

  12. Imagine he actually took out a real bow and arrow, and an actual diamond sword

  13. please don't flash codes randomly. bots will grab that shit instantly

  14. Glitchy_Gamer Reply

    As soon as we see his shirt we go cREePeeeeeR awwW mAnn

  15. DTwingsFAN Reply

    I wish I could be an awesome YouTuber and get things just sent to me lol, that chest looks awesome!

  16. PriKolČik Reply

    You made my life to see Take back the night that moment when i saw the villager dies i just cried thank you!

  17. Grayson Wilde Reply

    I'm excited to play this! I've been watching others and I can't wait to dive in.

  18. Spooky Scary Skeleton Reply

    Carson gonna come to your house again cause he “forgot” something

  19. GamezFreak Reply

    Btw guys the codes when he streams he already used them his title of hia stream with them will be something like minecraft dungeons giving away codes every youtuber does it i dont see how ppl fall for it now days you gotta be like 10 for to fall for that crap

  20. Luka Džananović Reply

    1:30 from 100 People Who got that box, Ou are 24/100 that mean you are more important that the rest of them (76)

  21. This is a name Reply

    The chest and blocks are so well designed they don't even look real

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