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PAY TO WIN SKIN? New Death Sworn Zed Gameplay – League of Legends


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  1. 360p squad WHERE YOU AT? But in all seriousness, this skin atm has very subtle visuals on his abilities especially his Q and W which seem like one of those pay to win skins where the animations just work in your favour..what do you think?

  2. i use ultimate hunter instead of ravenous hunter my ult late game have a 30 sec cooldown,

  3. Jinxed Mizuki Reply

    No fair ur FPS and MS is basically every league players dream 😭

  4. Davis Djubovs Reply

    got this skin just now in hextech box what i got from gemstone what i got from project orb lol. almost sold it but decided to check on youtibe. :dd

  5. this skin is trash,    Q-BAD    W-OK    E-SLOW    R-NOT    WORTH RATING

  6. Isaiah Caldwell Reply

    "Zed = evil guy from ninja turtles" His name is Shredder uncultured swine

  7. Jarence Jae Javier Reply

    Hey red! Check out my zed montage and highlights!

  8. It is pay to win his w is almost tping mean while the others don't what I am saying his w is bs

  9. RedMercy more like ZedMercy I loved the skin It looks DOPE nice video

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