League of Legends Praetorian Graves Skin Spotlight.
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Shows off Animations and Ability Effects of Graves on their Praetorian Skin in this Spotlight.

All footage was taken in game.

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  1. Radivoj Maric Reply

    Yooo he doesn't even look close to the splash art …

  2. Sami Suhonen Reply

    sound effects are way too weak. Original graves has such weight to his gunshots and explosives, this skin makes it sound like he's firing an airsoft gun.

  3. Splash: Menacing Mech Soldier Death Machine
    Game: Toybox Man

    Thank you cell shade.

  4. I like the audio and visual overall, especially the classic pumping of the shotgun

    But if they visually change the ult explosion to have more "oomph" or more grainy lead effect to it it would be awesome af, like a terminator feel to it.

    If they also changed how Graves moves, like a robot it would be perfect

  5. Man of culture Reply

    Idk what people think of this skin
    No one can argue that the voice is amazing

  6. Árpád Halász Reply

    Why does this skin looks like bastion from ow to me?

  7. sinner2084 Reply

    when the artwork looks better than the ingame skin.. ppl liked this? lol bots

  8. potato-man eats the world Reply

    Why is this skin so cheap? It is like 600 rp herr in LAN when i last saw it

  9. - Lorentzen Reply

    How can riot design such ugly shit holy. Why all these kid colors, its not badass in any way, looks like a bird robot that got invented in the 1980.

  10. Vasko Pohlupkov Reply

    The only problem with the skin is the coloring… Fiddle didn't have the problem you could have just made him greyish

  11. Good concept, shit execution.
    The effects are alright but Graves looks like a fucking action figure with that disgusting color palette. The artwork is a complete lie.

  12. it is a mystery Reply

    Wouldn't it have made more sense for his recall to selfdestruct and then his spawn in animation be the new one dropping in? New one dropping in on top of the old one then just disappearing and reappearing at spawn makes no sense.

  13. Herman Manly Reply

    colours are waaay off, splash art looks so much better. In-game looks like a toy lol

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