There are new questions over the health status of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Reports from the Reuters news agency say medical experts have been sent from China to advise on Kim’s health. Earlier this week, media in South Korea reported that he was recovering after a cardiovascular procedure. But the leader hasn’t been seen in public and speculation of a serious heart condition persists. North Korea is challenging suggestions that their leader is gravely ill.


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    In the midst of African Swine Flu, North Korea will stop eating pork after the death of Kim Jong Un

  2. Surya Speak Reply

    It Should not be mystery. Rest of world enjoying with different breaking news during his absence. I too done a video on his mystery absence. Hope useful for many.
    – Surya Speak ❤️

  3. monika laosi Reply

    N K Propagandist – Our Premier Leader doesn't even POOP! World – So he died of Constipation!😂😂😀😄

  4. Amany Bayoumy Reply

    I don't think he is sick , I think he is playing sick to receive a delegation from China under the name ( doctors ) to plan what will happened if there is a war, regarding the Chinese intention to change the trading currency.
    In one hand no one will notice on the other hand it is a story that every one will be busy with

  5. If he should happen to be dead, it would be a blessing.The man is an evil communist dictator who oppresses his people, threatened the U.S. on many occasions with nuclear missiles. Hope he's dead.

  6. Haven't seen kim Jun un ? We don't make a fuzz about Ivanka and Jared KUSHNER sometimes we dont see them in months.

  7. Wolf Hill Farm Reply

    This comment has been removed by the North Korean government

  8. subash basnet Reply

    Eastarn king of the kim jong un. Now north korea world nomber six powerfull country.

  9. Markus Müller Reply

    Topic DW = BILD-Niveau; I'd prefer stories about Paris Hilton … !

  10. Alex Loughrin Reply

    Rumour is the doctor that botched his surgery just got whacked!

  11. #kimjongunmysteries ഈ ലിങ്കിൽ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യൂ കിമ്മിനെ കുറിച് കൂടുതൽ അറിയാം

  12. Crisanto Rivera Reply

    The country needs a new regime if he dies under federalism.

  13. Don't worry they are fattening up a lookalike as we speak, while rocketman is playing

  14. Food shortage ends in North Korea! Food banks open. Starving people swarm into markets.

  15. Keven Watson Reply

    Gunna miss ya big guy but i know youll b looking down from that great big torture chamber in the sky smiling

  16. Blueberrymilkshake 4 Reply

    Kim jong un : dies

    Also kim jong un : why do i hear
    astronomia music?

  17. awang awang Reply

    reason they hide the fact, may be their goverment protect kim from coffin dance memes.

  18. South Korea will test, trace and terminate all of communists in the Korean peninsula.

  19. ITS SHOWTIME Reply


  20. Andrea Valentine Reply

    Iam not sure. Is realy or not. Is sure his has died?? 😒

  21. It is my personal belief that Kim Jong-Un faked his own death and is now living in the jungles of Africa with Jim Morrison.

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