Watch live coverage as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a coronavirus briefing.

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Watch live: New York Governor Cuomo holds coronavirus briefing


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  1. 8thdedlysin13 Reply

    Well this pandemic has compromised myself and my wife and our lives even if the virus does not effect me i returned from work to find out from the people we rent from a couple and there to children who are like family to me and my wife that they were self quarantine the house they gave us the option to stay i chose to go and told them my wife is my life can she stay so she did there's no way she ever be homeless so im homeless and working to pay her rent crazy i know but i just recovered from a nine month surgery so im praying I've been on the irs books foor 36 years paying taxes single mind you

  2. 13000+ deaths in NYC only 500+ in Texas, Cuomo must answer his crime

  3. Zombie Outbreak Control Center Reply

    at 4:33 there is a slide saying new york has had no new cases reported today (4/17) but at 19:45 Gov says about 2,000 people new hospitalization or new people diagnosed with covid yesterday (4/17).. what am I missing here? which one is it.

  4. Shango Sankofa Reply

    Even lying politicians can level up. But you have to dispense with the politics! At some point they’ll realize it’s imperative to be honest and forthcoming for sake of saving lives.

  5. when may 15 2020 expect him do the same lock down another month like i expected it this time around

  6. hey love the the big project in saratoga ny like spac remodel for no concerts who can trust it anymore from a virus. Spac better prepare for stimulus this year for lock down reason no cash flow . love that new trail walk way near spac i wonder who's going to pay for that if business all go bankrupt.

  7. Girlonfire Trinity Reply

    When Trump came into office President Obama set him up for success. PRESIDENT Obama had turned the economy around from where he had come into office and made it strong I dont agree with all of President Obama's actions but he and his administration did a great job. Trump came in and took credit for all the work that had been done. We have been told that Trump spends his time watching TV and looking for praise he makes NO real decisions he lies constantly. Trump blames and redirects that's his leadership style if he is so great he will lead the USA out of the financial wreck let's see Trump lead the USA back to stability. The stimulus is a band aid let's see him put in work on the economy that he took credit for.

  8. America's enemies are praying Trump will be reelected. He is doing more damage to America than any enemy could do. Time for the Oompa Loompa to step aside and let a real leader step in to fix the Trump devastation. Time to step up Captain Cuomo.

  9. your brother left his basement tries to spread to other people yup got it .
    doctor cuomo time for your test to show us you don't have it like your brother running around giving it to people.

  10. chaz Gurrero Reply

    Cuomo needs to shut his mouth and dedicate working to resove his problems. If you can't handle the job. Give it to a real man to do a man's JOB.

  11. USA will do it, USA is strong. Long live USA. Greetings from Germany

  12. 4/19/20 Deaths
    World – Reg. Flu 350,000 Corona 160,818
    USA – Reg. Flu 62,000 Corona 39,015
    Italy – Reg. Flu 68,000 Corona 23,227
    New York – 17,071
    California – 1,148
    USA – Spanish Flu 675,000 from 1918 – 1919
    USA – Suicide 47,000 per year 130 per day
    USA – Car Accidents 44,000 per year 120 per day
    USA – 7,500 Die Avg. per day
    USA – 11,000 Born Avg. per day
    What to do, Keep the faith, Get the Flu Vaccine,
    Slow down and Never tailgate.
    Oh, and wash your hands !!!

  13. Brian T Parent Reply

    No new cases in New York? There were 2,000 New Cases yesterday. None today? Really? I'd call that a bunch of bull crap.

  14. no, he is not a great leader. i'm in orange county, california. we are the first stop for chinese immigrants, we had the first case from china. we've had 32 deaths to date. let that sink in. (and i mean 32, not 32 hundred or 32 thousand).

  15. crystal sluka Reply

    Shasta county only had 26 infected so far 13 recovered and the rest staying home, so I think if counties do better than most others in a state, counties should get a reward of opening for not being stupid like the rest does in other counties of the state. because not all counties in California are created equal, so the county that has the lowest cases should get rewarded because this shows that we are following orders

  16. How about POTUS and Cuomo on the same stage for s debate on Corona…

  17. Republicans’ doctrine is limited government and states rights, really? There’s only “Trump’s doctrine” that I see since 2016.

  18. Arnold Fernandez Reply

    Cuomo is so smart,Why NY have more Deaths Than any other estates.
    He sent every case of coronavirus to ventilators.
    80 %!of people on ventilators never came back.
    He still asking for more beds and more ventilators to put the whole estate to sleep ☠️🔥
    Washington, D.C. had the highest population density in the United States, with 11,570 people per square mile. As a whole, there were 93 residents per square mile in the U.S., and Alaska was the state with the lowest population density, with 1.3 residents per square mile.Jan 22, 2020
    WASHINGTON 10,000 infected
    and 600 deaths👍👍👍
    Ventilators is not the solution.Is
    Killing more people .
    Cuomo is totally wrong 👎☠️🔥

  19. Mac Anoodough Reply

    The U.S. Army should have already been going around your state pricking fingers. Forget these companies. People are dying while their focus is on Proprietary Hardware?
    These 30 companies sound like companies I'd like to see go under because with future pandemics looming, the equipment should be interchangeable and user friendly. And in all honesty, that should have been a law by now. I'm betting it was between the 30's and the 70's…

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